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Competitive Team

We are excited you want to learn about competitive gymnastics! If you are interested in joining the team please contact us.

Competitive vs Non competitive


Non competitive gymnastics, otherwise known as recreational, is gymnastics without the pressure of competing. Kids can focus on the fun part of learning how to do all areas of gymnastics (floor, bars, vault, and beam). They can move at their own pace and learn in a relaxed environment. Gymnastics is a good sport to develop flexibility, strength, balance, agility, and coordination.


Competitive gymnastics mixes the fun of gymnastics with intense training. Gymnasts compete in competitions and spend many hours in the gym training. There are two different tracks for competitive gymnasts: JO or Xcel.

Xcel and JO


JO stand for Junior Olympics and has 10 Levels. It is a more intense program and is harder competition. Typically more hours are spent in the gym training. For Levels 4-10 in order to move on to the next level you must receive a specific score in competition. For Levels 1-3 you may move up when your coach decides you are ready. Levels 1-5 are called Compulsory and every gymnast, everywhere do the same routines in competition. Levels 6-10 are called Optionals and you may do your own routines that contain the level requirements.


Xcel is a less intense (but still intense) program. There are 5 levels: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. There is more leeway on what skills are needed and can be performed in these competitions. In order to enter platinum and diamond a gymnast needs to receive a specific score in competition at the lower level (gold and platinum respectively). For all other levels it is at the coach’s discretion when they move to the next level.

At our gym we have JO Levels 3-10 and all Xcel levels.

 Team gymnasts click here for team specific information


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